Preparing Your Lawn & Garden for Winter
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Preparing Your Lawn & Garden for Winter

Preparing Your Lawn & Garden for Winter

Winter time in the south can be funky, but it’s a great time to tend to your lawn and garden. Many people overlook this time to “get to the root” of their lawn and garden needs (see what we did there?), but Sonny’s got some important tips here to help you make the most of the season!

The Best Time to Mulch: the fall is the best time to spread mulch instead of in the spring. Why? The fresh layers help protect your plants and garden from frost while retaining moisture better. Be sure to avoid picking up mulch from just any old pile. Those piles of mulch are usually made from dead and diseased trees, and they may still be infected. Go to a trustworthy, local home and garden nursery to ensure you use a superior quality mulch.

Aerate Your Lawn: most people do this in the spring (and that’s okay too) but doing this in the fall may actually be better! Why? Most people don’t use the yard/lawn as much in the fall, so you’re less likely to walk all over the soil plugs that are removed during aeration.

  • Pro Tip: you’re already halfway there, so go ahead and spread compost now that you’ve aerated. Spreading compost AFTER aerating leads to better soil penetration.

Clean Up – But Not Too Much: you won’t need to (and shouldn’t) prune your plants, flowers, and shrubs in the cold months, but you should give them a final touch-up before you let them hibernate for the winter. Trim up the edges and dead ends, rake up your leaves, and cut down annuals and perennials.

Brace Your Plants: It doesn’t get too cold in the south, but if a freeze is around the corner, wrap delicate plants and shrubs, hide small plants and flowers under overturned pots, and protect tree roots with shredded leaves.

Last Chance To Plant: Fall is the best time to plant new plants and shrubs, because the weather is more temperate than the hot summer months. Autumn rains help the plants grow just fine, so don’t worry! By spring, your trees and shrubs will have a nice, strong foundation.


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