5 Tips For Fall Home Maintenance
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5 Tips For Fall Home Maintenance

5 Tips For Fall Home Maintenance

Many people wait for spring to come around before they spruce up their outdoor havens, but anyone with a real green thumb knows that fall is the perfect time to get some quality work done on your yard and garden! Here are our 5 tips for maintaining your lawn and garden in the fall:

  1. Go Green: most people forget to focus on the basics – the lawn! Keep your grass green and healthy year-round to maintain curb appeal. Don’t let leaves and other foliage accumulate in your yard. Rake them up often and make a habit of remembering to fertilize your lawn. 

    When to fertilize? Living in the south means that sometimes we get a little extra heat in the summer. Try to fertilize in the late spring or early summer, and then again in the late summer. 

  2. Not Just April Flowers: who says flowers can only bloom in the spring? Don’t let your garden get gloomy in the fall and winter months. Keep your garden seasonal and bright by planting perennials or fall flowers.Some of our favorite fall florals: chrysanthemums, pansies, asters, and violas.


  3. Make your front door a focal point: the entrance to your home should always be warm and inviting. Some potted plants on either side of the door along with a fall wreath full of seasonal favorites hanging on the door create a beautiful entryway into your home. A fresh coat of paint in a warm hue helps bring the look together. 
  4. Brighten Up Your Space: fall usually means cooler temperatures. Spruce up your outdoor living areas with some decorative lighting and comfy, cozy seating. Keep it small and simple with new, decorative pillows and throws to switch up your color theme or create a space worthy of backyard goals with a plush patio set and a fire pit to keep warm. 
  5. Clean Up Your Gutters – no one wants to deal with water damage, no matter the time of year. Be sure to remember to clean out your gutters as leaves and other debris tend to get stuck in there, keeping your gutters from doing their job! Grab a ladder, water hose, a trowel for smaller debris, and some gloves – no fancy tools needed – and get to work. You’ll thank yourself later!

Pro Tip: after you cleaned your gutters, grab some caulk to seal up any loose cracks in your gutters to make sure there aren’t any leaks.

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